The Special Mothers Project’s Home Care Assistants Programme

The Special Mothers Project in the year 2018 is starting/piloting a programme called the Special Needs Home Care Assistants Programme.

Under this programme the project is recruiting to-be graduates, graduates pursuing a course in Community Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, Psychology or a study programme related to caring for Children with Special Needs. Our focus will however be on children with cerebral palsy

These recruits will be trained with the Getting to Know Cerebral  Palsy manual as well as other training materials to enable them work with families raising children with cerebral palsy.

The aim is to enhance the lives of families raising children with cerebral palsy.


Majority of children with cerebral palsy in Ghana are kept at home, most of the time mothers bare the brunt of taking care of these children. The search for a reliable, passionate and affable person to even take care of a child with cerebral palsy usually proves futile.

Most mothers tend to be frustrated and desperate due to the fact that they are unable to work. Usually the Mothers life tend to be tied around the child leaving mum stressed and frustrated.

We all know that no frustrated mother will produce a healthy and happy child.

Many have depended on the traditional “house help system” but it has failed them continuously with many having bitter experiences to share

The Special Mothers Project has thus decide to pilot a system where graduates are recruited with a specific terms of reference to work with families or with homes to ease the burden on especially the mother.


Under the programme the graduates will be trained with the Getting to know cerebral Palsy manuals as well other documents and also trained based on the experiences of parents to support families with child care and other activities as well as selected house chores that ultimately aims at helping the families to achieve inclusion.

This programme will also serve as a mini respite where the mother does not have to be doing the work all alone, knowing that sometimes having someone around alone is a great source of relief.

To ensure safety and security of families the Special Mothers Project will facilitate medical tests of the selected applicants as well as security checks.

We will do an initial assessment of the client home and agree on specific duties of the Care giver within the normal working hours.

Among the Terms of Reference for the people we engage are the following:

Family Values – When you go to a home ask about any family values and respect it.

You will assist the child with cerebral palsy in eating, help with toilet training and have basic physiotherapy with the child (With the guidance of the family since every child with cerebral palsy is unique)

You will help with other siblings if any with the aim of helping integrate the child with cerebral palsy not just with the family but with the society at large

You will help train the child in basics: learning letters and figures and possibly teach rhymes even if they are un-responsive

You will also engage the child and siblings (If any) in play therapy – children learn a lot through play

Please assist (If possible) with simple house chores like helping with the utensils, tidying home etc

You will work with the family for an eight hour working period, unless otherwise agreed between you and the family

The family will provide you with Lunch or an equivalent of 5 cedis

On days that you are not working with family you may be assigned other duties such as helping the Executive Director in an assigned advocacy work

You may be requested to join in meetings of the Special Mums and Dads group and help provide care giver services when needed

You will be giving periodic professional training to enhance your skills and services

Please note you will be given a minimum contract of six month and you will be required to give one month notice should you at any time wish to stop working with us or your Monthly allowance withheld

The Project will also register the persons engaged with Ghana’s Social Security system to enable us contribute to their social security.

The Services will not be free, clients requesting for such services will pay an affordable fee to facilitate the work and also ensure that the care givers are given a respectable allowance

The Special Mothers Project’s Home Care Assistants Programme will also serve as a mini respite for mothers who usually do not have any break at all in terms of taking care of their children with cerebral palsy.

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